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Induction billet heater solution and details(2)

Induction billet heater solution and details(2)

 According to the billet temperature distribution features, Forever induction billet heater can increase the billet surface heat to 1100℃ for rolling.

Induction billet heater design:

1 . Heating capacity inline: induction billet heater will increase the temperature to 1100 degree C.
2 .Uniform heating: After through induction billet heater, the billet temperature uniformity is better than the natural state before heating with no temperature difference from the surface to the core. This is good for rolling as it has no damange for the rolling mill.
3 .Intermediate frequency power supply
A. According to the process indicator, heating from 800 degree C. to 1100 degree C. within 1 minute. Choose the power supply according to the required power.
B.The power consumption is 38 kw/h for heating one ton of billet .(For example, increasing 200 degree C., the powe consumption is 25 kw/h.)
C. Better guarantee the reliability of the continuous operation of the billet heating system.


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