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Induction billet heater solution and details(1)

Induction billet heater solution and details(1)


The traditional rolling process is that the billet billet will be sent to steel mill for rolling into steel through billet heating system after the billet cooling.

There are two defects in this process compared with Forever induction billet heater:

1.After charging from the casting machine, the billet temperature is 700-900℃, the billet latent heat is not used effectively.

2. After heating by furnace, the billet surface will lose about 1.5% due to oxidation.
Now the new process continuous casting and rolling equipment can increase the billet temperature inline for rolling.

Temperature distribution

1. The temperature distribution characteristics of billet section: the internal temperature is the high temperature region, the temperature is 1100 ℃, the outside is low temperature zone, the temperature is 800℃. Then it need to increase by 300℃.

2. The temperature distribution characteristics of the head and tail of the continuous casting billet: usually the head temperature is lower about 50℃ than the tail temperature.


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