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How to choose the electric pipe heat treatment furnace?

How to choose the electric pipe heat treatment furnace?

Pipe heat treatment furnace is a new type of heat treatment equipment used in steel pipe, which uses electromagnetic induction principle to make metal workpiece heat inside, so as to reach the heating temperature needed for heat treatment process, improve the comprehensive mechanical properties and service life of the metal of the workpiece.

There are many series of pipe heat treatment furnace at Forever company, including pipes annealing equipment, seamless steel pipe quencing furnace, stainless steel tube annealing equipment, thick wall steel tube tempering furnace and other various pipe heat treatment furnace. After heat treatment, steel pipes are widely used in various sectors such as oil and steel pipes.

Application of pipe heat treatment furnace

At present, there are countless factories producing pipe heat treatment furnace in the market, which are distributed in all provinces and regions of the country. Hebei is a high gathering place for induction heat treatment furnace of steel tube. What are the sizes of their models? In order to facilitate customers to purchase a more suitable and cost-effective pipe heat treatment furnace, Forever gives you a brief introduction.

Selected standard for pipe heat treatment furnace

1.Determine the strength of manufacturers, try to choose large brand induction heat treatment furnace manufacturers.

2.Go to the induction heat treatment furnace manufacturers to do on-site inspection, in-depth understanding of the strength of manufacturers, production workshop, etc.

3.Sign formal purchase contracts with manufacturers to ensure users’ own interests.

4.Fully understand the factory after-sales service projects, determine the interests of users in the later stage of protection.

5. Understand the equipment test condition and user site, and truly understand the actual working ability of the pipe heat treatment furnace.

Introduction of the type specification of the pipe heat treatment furnace

What are the specifications of the induction heat treatment furnace? The type of electric heating furnace for steel pipe made by various manufacturers is different because the pipe heat treatment furnace is a non standard product. It needs the user to provide the information of the size and the output of the steel pipe, so as to determine the size and power of the pipe heat treatment furnace.

How to choose the electric pipe heat treatment furnace? As long as the method is right, a good manufacturer will surely be found it.


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