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How many kilowatts does the pipe heat treatment furnace need for of the 1.6 meter thick square square tube?

How many kilowatts does the pipe heat treatment furnace need for of the 1.6 meter thick square square tube?

Thick-walled square pipe heat treatment furnace has advantage of wide application, high energy-saving and high heating efficiency. Square pipe is a special shape compared than round pipe, the mechanical device and induction heater should be give special design. As we all know, the pipe will easily bend if it can not obtain uniform heating and cooling .If the pipe is round, then it can rotate by itself during heating and cooling, but square pipe is hard to get uniform heating and cooling due to its square shape. So far, Forever has designed and produced three sets of square pipe heat treatment furnace, which has proved that our pipe heat treatment furnace has avoid this problem.

The heat treatment superiority of the induction heat treatment equipment for thick-walled square pipe.

As an important heat treatment equipment in induction heating equipment industry, the thick-walled square pipe heat treatment furnace plays an important role in the survival line. The research and development team of Forever has improved the performance of the thick-walled square pipe heat treatment furnace through experimental research and has a variety of heat treatment advantages.

1. The transmission mechanism and furnace body of the thick-walled square pipe heat treatment furnace adopt a unique combination mode. When the heating furnace body fails seriously, the replacement is very convenient and fast, which can save the time of equipment maintenance and reduce the cost of shutdown and production reduction.

2. The induction heat treatment equipment is reasonable in design, which can heat the materials with high hardness and has strong feeding capacity. The quenched and tempered products will not appear deformation, cracking so as to improve the qualified rate of finished products.

3. The distance between furnace body and heat treatment furnace is designed reasonably, which can be adjusted according to the production requirements of different users. The discharging speed can be controlled, the shape is good, and the quality is more uniform.

4. Through optimization design, the speed of induction coil is increased, the cooling impact of quenching water tank is increased, the production efficiency is high, the wear of parts is small, and the comprehensive benefit is improved.

5. Simplify the heat treatment process for heating, quenching and tempering, but also reduce the cost of production.

6. In the heat treatment process of pipe heat treatment furnace, the material can form a protective layer at the bottom to reduce the wear on the fuselage and enhance the durability of the equipment.

How many kilowatts do we need to produce heat treatment equipment for 1.6 meter thick walled square pipe?

The power is determined by capacity.For example, heating the steel bars to forging temperature 1150℃, the power consumption is 360℃, then if your capacity is 1t/h, then the power will need 360KW. Of course, it ‘s not fixed. The power will be less if your capacity can be more 10T/H.


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