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How can I buy one set of good bar heat treatment furnace ?

How can I buy one set of good bar heat treatment furnace ?

Firstly, the basic composition and technological process of induction medium frequency bar heat treatment furnace are introduced. The equipment includes loading mechanism, feeding structure, quenching induction heating system, quenching spraying system, discharging system and PLC console. According to customer’s demand, we can choose infrared thermometer, rectifier transformer, closed cooling tower, power transformer, low-voltage distribution cabinet and so on.

The process flow of bar heat treatment furnace:

Hardening and high temperature tempering of metal workpieces are carried out by means of on-line continuous heating. The complete production line only needs to lift the workpiece to the feeding table by crane and the rest of the operation is automatically completed by the system controlled by PLC. The complete production line adopts Taiwan Huayan Industrial Control Computer as the core control part, and the whole system is operated with mechanical parameters. Data, quenching and tempering parameters, temperature and other parameters are stored, displayed, automatically recorded and printed and the system operates automatically according to the set process parameters.

So where to buy a complete set of cost effective medium frequency bar induction heat treatment furnace ? Forever advises customers to buy in Hebei, mainly from the following two aspects to analyze:

1.The quality of products: Hebei is located in the Central Plains with well-developed transportation facilities. When the market competition is fierce,the manufacturer has to improve the equipment performance and automation. Hebei Forever have their own special research institutes to study new products and new technologies;

2. Price of the product: It can be understood that the buyer need low price bar medium frequency heating equipment. But actually as the bar induction heat treatment furnace is related with the special process, it is hard to reduce the production cost.

In addition, Forever also want to add a point ,that is, the strength of manufacturers. Only the strong manufacturer can provide more considerate after-sales service and also can supply spare parts needed at any time.


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