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Hot rolling deformed steel heating production line

Forever Electromechanical is a professional manufacturer of deformed steel hot rolling production line in China, specializing in the production of hot rolled deformed steel heating production lines. Forever Electromechanical products have the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, simple operation, advanced design, and high production efficiency.

Some components and characteristics of the hot rolling deformed steel heating production line:

Induction heater:

The furnace body of the hot rolled threaded steel heating production line adopts a profiling design, and the copper pipes are wrapped with T2 oxygen free copper. The wall thickness of the copper pipes is greater than or equal to 2.8mm. The insulation material for the furnace body is imported from the United States, with high strength, high temperature resistance, and long service life.

deformed steel bar hot rolling

Infrared temperature instrument:

Hot body detection devices are installed at the inlet and outlet of the furnace of the deformed bar induction heating furnace, achieving precise temperature control.

Induction heating power supply:

The intermediate frequency power supply rectifier is a new type of double bridge rectifier (12 pulse wave), which provides power factor, reduces harmonic generation, and improves the efficiency of the hot rolled deformed steel heating production line. The high-voltage side can be customized according to the user’s voltage.

Efficient and energy-saving: Adopting electromagnetic induction heating, with fast heating and less oxide skin;

Efficient temperature control: The hot rolling deformed steel heating production line is equipped with an infrared thermometer and a closed-loop temperature control system to achieve precise temperature control;

Environmentally friendly and pollution-free: Renewable resources are used as production energy, and there is no emission of pollutants such as carbon oxide, sulfur, and waste residue during the heating process of threaded steel.

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