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Good news! Forever pipe heat treatment furnace ranks first class in the world.c

Good news! Forever pipe heat treatment furnace ranks first class in the world.

Forever pipe heat treatment furnace has become a leader in the heat treatment industry with first-class manufacturing technology, advanced design concepts and high quality service commitments. Advanced induction heating technology makes the pipe heat treatment furnace for customers to increase production and improve efficiency.

The pipe heat treatment furnace is composed of induction heating system (quenching furnace, quenching box), storage rack (feeding rack, discharging frame), induction heating power supply, PLC console and so on. Other optional devices include infrared thermometer, cooling tower, power transformer, capacitor and so on.

The pipe heat treatment furnace is to quench the steel pipe. The heating mode is continuous heating on line. During operating process, only need to lift the pipe on the loading platform and other actions are automatically completed by the system under the control of PLC. The whole set of production line adopts the Taiwan Hua Yan industrial control machine as the core control part and the whole system machine.

The parameters of the operating parameters, quenching parameters, temperature and other parameters are stored, displayed, automatically recorded and printed, and the system is operated according to the automatic operation of setting process parameters.

The pipe heat treatment furnace has features of stable performance, uniform heating, no crack, no edge shape and strong toughness after modulation treatment. It does not produce decarburization during heat treatment.

The heating speed is fast and flexible, and the success rate of starting is high, energy saving and environmental protection. The pipe heat treatment furnace is using medium frequency induction heating power control with high heating efficiency. The performance of pipe in tensile strength, yield strength and hardness can meet user’s requirement after heat treatment. After heat treatment, the workpiece need not be straightened. It is very convenient to design the processing line status that meets customer requirements.


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