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Get high quality pipe with such pipe heat treatment furnace ?

Get high quality pipe with such pipe heat treatment furnace ?

Do you want high quality pipes? Please come to Hebei Forever to find your pipe heat treatment furnace. Our pipe heat treatment furnace has features of energy-saving, environmental protection, high production efficiency. Now the iron and steel industry is affected by environmental storms, de-production capacity, de-leveraging and other policies, the development is limited. But fortunately, as The important “weapon” of heat treatment, pipe heat treatment furnace market is good.

 With the support of pipe heat treatment furnace, a large number of steel mills have taken a firm foothold in the market and have risen rapidly. In order to occupy an important position in the industry, manufacturing enterprises must be able to win the dominant position of the market through improving the quality and service. Forever Enterprises are unique in the pursuit of excellence, from accessories to production details, all the pursuit of refinement, the pursuit of characteristics.

Pipe heat treatment furnace uses induction heating technology to develop a production line for heat treatment of pipe metal to achieve continuous quenching heating, spray quenching cooling. By adjusting the installation angle of the roller and the rotational speed of the motor, the linear speed and the rotational speed required by the process are guaranteed. Water or quenchant is used as the coolant in the continuous multi-stage spray cooling, and water pressure, water flow and water temperature are controlled during quenching, so that the pipe can meet the quenching and cooling requirements. The pipe heat treatment furnace adopts PLC remote control and man-machine interface display to adjust the technical parameters and heat treatment process parameters of the complete set of pipe induction heat treatment equipment. The matching infrared thermometer continuously monitors, records and stores the technological parameters, realizes the parameter traceability, and the temperature control reaches ±10℃.

Compared with the traditional backward process, induction hardening heat treatment process for pipe induction hardening and tempering equipment has higher mechanical properties, finer grain size and lower power consumption, which is worthy of popularization.


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