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Forever provides customized induction billet heater for users

Forever provides customized induction billet heater for users

In China, there are many induction heating equipment manufacturers, but the manufacturer that can make induction billet heater is very less. Forever can provide users with customized induction billet heater.

The power supply system: double rectifier, twelve pulse or twenty-four pulse KGPS1000-10000KW, single induction heating power supply or multiple induction heating power supply working together.

The temperature control system: Raytek infrared thermometer and German SIEMENS S7 to form a closed loop control system. Automatic adjust the power according to the initial temperature into the coil and the feeding speed. Keep the heating temperature constant before billet discharging.

Industrial computer system: Real-time display of the current working parameters and status, billet parameters storage, memory, printing, fault alarm, power supply automatically drop and maintain constant temperature and many other powerful functions.

Equipment composition: induction heating power supply, material delivery rack, automatic control system, billet induction heating furnace,  cooling system, infrared temperature measuring device, etc. 

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