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Forever induction billet heater with stable performance & energy saving

Forever induction billet heater with stable performance & energy saving

Compared with many domestic induction billet heater manufacturers, Forever advantage is to provide customized induction billet heater to users and have more successful cases than other suppliers, especially for large power induction billet heater. The equipment performance and quality has been the leader in the domestic market with advanced technology and high-quality accessories.

Compared with other manufacturers of billet induction heating furnace, Forever has the following advantages:

1. Stability, reliability and safety is guarantee of the induction billet heater. The production line adopts PLC intelligent control system, accurate control; large power induction heating power supply is saving the energy consumption of equipment.

2. A wide range of applications, customized production. We can provide customers with a variety of billet type heating equipment according to customer material properties & workpiece size.

3.Modular control, operation and maintenance is very simple. The induction billet heater has the complete malfunction display function, can find the breakdown point quickly, the maintenance is very convenient.

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