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Forever induction billet heater for railway tie plate (1)

Forever induction billet heater for railway tie plate (1)

Three months ago, Tang steel group , which is the state owned enterprise in China, placed an order  about induction billet heater with our company. Speaking of this order, we just almost lose this order as our price is higher than another supplier in the bid. But when the customer go to visit that supplier’s factory, they are very worried whether they can accept this project as this project is worthy 300,000 USD. Their plant is very small, which makes our Tang steel company lose trust on them. Then the customer come to visit our plant. After checking our workshop, lab and meeting with our engineer team, finally they decided to give us this order. 

Surely we are very happy that the customer finally choose us, but we are also very confidential for our strength due to our 13 years experience in designing and manufacturing induction billet heater.  

So far, Forever billet heating system has been used for billet increasing temperature inline, aluminum melting, round bar heating for forging, rebar heating before rolling etc. If you have such inquiry, welcome to contact us.

railroad tie plate induction heating


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