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Forever bar heat treatment furnace: heat treatment main power for energy saving and environmental protection

Forever bar heat treatment furnace: heat treatment main power for energy saving and environmental protection

The bar heat treatment furnace is an induction heat treatment furnace used to heat and process all kinds of metal bars. It plays a very important role in the heat treatment production line of bar material. With the adjustment of the structure of induction heat treatment furnace industry in China, “green environmental protection” has become the endorsement of the whole heat treatment industry.

Development of green heat treatment production

Heat treatment industry plays an important role in the development of industrial economy. However, in the process of the development of heat treatment industry, some enterprises ignore the environmental problems, and also bring harm to the environment, resulting in the waste of energy resources. Therefore, it is an inevitable choice for China’s heat treatment industry to take the ecological road. The development of green heat treatment industry is imperative.

A new standard for environmental protection by Forever

The reason why Forever bar heat treatment furnace has passed the national environmental protection standard is that every process has a special level of control in every process from technology research and development, process design, production and production.

1. In the field of technology research and development

First of all, the bar induction heat treatment furnace must meet the requirements of bar production process and product quality, which is the premise of its environmental protection and energy conservation. The enterprises in the heat treatment equipment industry must attach importance to this problem, and the process constraints are more stringent. On the basis of the original technology, the bar heat treatment furnace is introduced by the advanced technology at home and abroad, and the environmental protection equipment produced by the R & D department has been developed many times.

2. In the process of process design

In the process of heat treatment production process, the bar heat treatment furnace is very important, but the process design is also very important. The design of the whole process is reasonable, not only to the maximum of the customer’s investment benefit, but also to the environmental protection standard in production, especially in the heat treatment industry. If some minor treatment is not good, it will have direct effect on the surrounding environment.

3. In production and manufacturing

From the aspect of production, it is an important principle to reduce the power consumption of heat treatment production, in addition to increasing the output of equipment. The fuselage of the electric bar heat treatment furnace adopts high quality material, which is more durable, wear-resistant and longer life than general heat treatment equipment. It not only plays the role of environmental protection, but also brings considerable benefits to the customers.

4. In the field of work

The standard on-site operation can save energy and reduce energy consumption. Therefore, the company will be equipped with professional installation personnel for free installation and commissioning of customers, free guidance and training to operating staff, until the equipment is put into operation normally.


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