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Facing problem of bar heat treatment? let us help you !

Facing problem of bar heat treatment? let us help you !

Forever company was established in 1999, has nearly 20 years of induction heating experience, bar heat treatment furnace is one of the main heat treatment equipment produced by Forever. Customized production, professional to solve various problems encountered in heat treatment.

The outstanding advantages of our bar heat treatment furnace :

1. We can provide a complete set of bar heat treatment furnace, including automatic feeding system, transmission system, quenching system, cooling system, tempering system, automatic discharging system, IGBT power supply and PLC whole process control.

2.The transmission speed is adjustable, so our bar heat treatment furnace can meet the different production speed requirements of each user.

3.In order to ensure the stability of product quality, we strictly control the entire processing temperature, using high-precision and non-contact infrared temperature thermometer.

4. For the tension monitoring and control device of the bar heat treatment furnace, the induction heat treatment furnace can be performed under the condition of constant micro tension.

5. Reliable performance and easy maintenance.

Forever bar heat treatment furnace is energy-saving and environmentally friendly with stable performance, reliable quality, low power consumption and saving production cost. In the production process, if it is difficult to solve the heat treatment problem, please contact us to we will give the best heat treatment solution according to your problem, no matter in the production efficiency, product quality, investment cost or after-sales, wee will give you a perfect answer to the service.


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