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Double guarantee for quality and service of bar heat treatment furnace !

Double guarantee for quality and service of bar heat treatment furnace !

Forever specializes in the production of a variety of high-quality medium-frequency bar heat treatment furnace, tubing heat treatment furnace, customized made to provide technical guidance. Forever bar heat treatment furnace with double guarantee of quality and service adopts advanced IGBT technology to be used for more wide sizes of workpiece.

The full set of control system of medium frequency power supply for Forever bar heat treatment furnace is manufactured by imported technology from abroad and the frequency is automatically tracked and adjusted by constant back pressure time inversion control mode. The equipment has the advantages of reasonable wiring and strict assembly process, perfect protection system, high power factor, convenient operation and maintenance and high reliability.

The presser feeder of Forever bar induction heat treatment equipment is mainly composed of frequency conversion motor, high strength presser and roller assembly. The supporting rollers adopt the structure of double-seat supporting steel rollers. The steel rollers and the inner sleeves are filled with heat-resistant insulation materials, and the inner sleeves are connected with the shaft keys. It is not only convenient to disassemble but also prevents the surface burn of the workpiece from contacting with the steel roller during the transmission process.

The inductor of the steel bar heat treatment furnace of Forever is mainly composed of many groups of inductors, connecting copper bars, water divider (water intake), closed return pipe, channel steel chassis, quick change joint and so on.

The switch of inductor of bar heat treatment furnace is simple, convenient and fast: the switch of group inductor: integral hoisting, sliding-in positioning installation, water using quick change connector, electricity using high strength stainless steel bolt connection. Quick change of single inductor: the inlet and outlet water is a quick change joint and electricity is connected by two large bolts. Inductor copper tube: all are national standard T2 copper.

The steel bar heat treatment furnace is provided by Forever, which can meet the requirement of continuous production 24 hours a day with three shifts, running steadily and reliably. There is no sparking phenomenon in the drive process.


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