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Does the used bar heat treatment furnace have high purchase value?

Does the used bar heat treatment furnace have high purchase value?

Bar heat treatment furnace, also called metal heat treatment equipment, is a kind of steel bar heating equipment using electromagnetic induction principle to heat treatment of metal workpiece. It is famous for its flexible maneuver, mature structure, high efficiency and energy saving, small investment, stable work and so on. It is more and more popular in the fields of building, building material, highway, environmental protection and so on. In the field of heat treatment for steel rods, steel pipes, steel plates, sucker rods, torsion rods, billets and other metal parts, it also has wide application.

There are many bar heat treatment furnace manufacturers in the market. At the same time, the suppliers are providing a slightly lower price used bar heat treatment furnace, which attract some investors who has limit capital.

Used bar heat treatment furnace is not the new equipment, which means it has been used once or many times. It’s true that the price is cheap, but this kind of equipment has quality problem. So is the value of used bar heat treatment furnace high? Can you feel free to invest?

Purchase value of used bar heat treatment furnace

“Cheap prices, affordable, buy new machines will affect the progress of the project,” which is the majority of the purchase of used equipment aspiration. Indeed, one of the main advantages of purchasing used induction heat treatment furnace is its lower price, lower initial investment costs and reduced economic pressure on customers, which is its own more attractive purchase value. In addition, one of the advantages of purchasing used bar heat treatment furnace is that it saves time because some manufacturers may not have the new equipment in stock, thus prolonging the purchase time.

Risk analysis of used bar heat treatment furnace purchase

The advantages of purchasing used bar heat treatment furnace are described above, but there are still many purchasing risks.

1. Compared with the standard price of the new induction heating equipment, there is no fixed price for reference, which is more blind.

2. Wear degree and maintenance of heat treatment equipment are not easy to see. The equipment that may be purchased has bright exterior and many cracks in interior, and its use value is not high.

3. It may be used for a long time after buying, but you will be not clear.

4.After-sales service guarantee is low.

In short, the purchase of used bar heat treatment furnace in most cases, its disadvantages are higher than the advantages, so the customers should be extremely cautious. Therefore, it is recommended that customers buy new high performance bar heat treatment furnace.


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