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Comprehensive introduction of pipe heat treatment furnace

Comprehensive introduction of pipe heat treatment furnace

The pipe heat treatment furnace has become the main product of the heat treatment market. This is an indisputable fact, especially for the steel pipe and oil industry, the spipe heat treatment furnace has been widely used in the production field of large and small. The choice of the pipe heat treatment furnace depends on the production conditions of the customers. This article mainly introduces the pipe heat treatment furnace.

Advantages of pipe heat treatment furnace

Pipe heat treatment furnace is economical and practical with integrated structure and split structure. It can be equipped with an infrared thermometer, a closed cooling tower and other products according to the work piece and the field condition. It can work alone, and can also work together with a number of mechanical equipment, and the configuration is flexible and adjustable. In addition, we all know the key advantages of pipe heat treatment furnace – energy conservation, environmental protection, mobility, but different from other equipment in the price, because the pipe heat treatment furnace belongs to non standard products, the price is not accurate according to the user requirements.

Type of pipe heat treatment furnace

Our pipe heat treatment furnace is a non – standard customized product, and it is customized according to the parameters of the size of the user’s workpiece, the process requirements and the output. At the same time, according to the needs of different users, the induction heat treatment furnace is different.

Price of pipe heat treatment furnace

The price will be effected by many factors such as component brand, material, process, the workpiece size and so on. For the component brand, we have Germany Sew brand for frequency motor, Raytek for infrared theremometer, Schneider button and dedication light, Siemens PLC and touch screen. Therefore, if you want to purchase the pipe heat treatment furnace, you have to study your project and visit the factories.


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