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Characteristics of steel bar heat treatment furnace suppliers

Characteristics of steel bar heat treatment furnace suppliers

Having nearly 20 years of experience in the induction heating industry, Forever bar heat treatment furnace adopts induction heating technology to meet the heating of different types of steel bars.

The main advantages of bar heat treatment furnace are:

1. High reliability and low maintenance cost.

2. High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

3.Fast heating: the fastest heating speed is less than 1 second.

4.Wide range of heat treatment: heat treatment of various specifications of steel bars (according to the shape and size of the workpiece, replace the removable induction coil).

5.Installation is convenient, our technicians will go to the customer workshop to install and debug the equipment.

6. Adopt imported power devices and modular design to ensure the reliability and maintainability of the equipment.

7.Provide protection in case of lack of phase, low water level, over current (AC and DC), overheating and over voltage, so as to make the equipment safer.

The features of the Forever bar heat treatment furnace.

1.High energy efficiency, steel bar heat treatment furnace is using PLC control system to achieve automatic operation.

2.Increase productivity, heating speed is higher than other heating methods, productivity is improved.

3.Optimize the system efficiency, equipment work can improve the overall efficiency of the factory.

4.Adopt rotary feed heating to ensure the temperature uniformity of each workpiece heating.

The Forever intermediate frequency bar heat treatment furnace can carry out various heat treatment applications, such as steel bar surface quenching, steel pipe heat treatment and aluminum rod heat treatment. The steel bar heat treatment furnace provided by Forever can be applied to steel bars in various sizes and shapes.

Forever has rich experience in the design, installation and debugging of a complete set of induction heat treatment furnace, such as steel bars, steel tubes, steel plates and rods (sucker rod, piston rod, stable rod, drill rod, etc.), long axle shaft, steel billet, etc.suitable for each customer’s different conditions and requirements.


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