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Buying billet heating induction furnace, contact Forever

Buying billet heating induction furnace, contact Forever

What is the billet heating induction furnace for using continuous casting and rolling technology? As an expert in induction heating equipment, we can tell you. First of all, you need to have a simple understanding of the whole billet heating induction furnace.

Customers will melt molten iron or molten iron into the continuous casting machine by melting furnace. After discharging from the continuous casting machine, the surface temperature of the billet will be reduced, so it needs to be heated and rolled. For example, we need to heat the surface of the billet from 800-900 degrees C to 1050-1100 degrees Celsius, and then we can heat the billet into the billet heating induction furnace to heat up to 1100 degrees centigrade and enter the billet from the furnace and the billet will charge into the mill. This process is called continuous casting and rolling.

Specializing in R & D of billet heating induction furnace, Forever has many successful cases for billet reheating furnace.

Large power medium frequency billet heating induction furnace is Forever technical advantage. Because of the high power of the power grid, the harmonic problem will be produced. The design of the induction heating coil and the mature series power supply technology make the billet heating induction furnace more reliable and safer.

The characteristics of billet heating induction furnace

1.Digital phase-locked: digital phase-locked technology is used to achieve automatic frequency tracking. It can automatically adapt to various sensors.

2.Modular design:The application of drive module control can ensure the reliability of equipment.

3.Resonant inverter technology: Through using resonant inverter technology, the overall efficiency of induction heating furnace is higher than 90%

4.Fool design: simple installation, no debugging, easy to use, safe and reliable: no volt high pressure, safe operation, continuous work for 24 hours.

Forever is based on the tenet of “science and technology is productivity, quality is life”, and vigorously introduces technology and talents. In the early years, it actively introduced and absorbed the advanced induction heating technology and ideas of Germany and Britain. The new intelligent induction heating furnace on-line continuous billet heating induction furnace and intelligent digital medium frequency power supply are widely used in the market. The scope of product application can meet the needs of all kinds of workpiece heat treatment applications. The technology, reliability and manufacturing technology of the products are in the leading level in China. Over the years, it has provided thousands of sets of high-performance induction heating furnace for many large and medium-sized enterprises in China. Our company is willing to serve the masses of new and old customers with advanced technology, reliable quality and excellent service.


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