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Billet heating induction furnace manufacturer

Billet heating induction furnace manufacturer

Brief introduction of billet heating induction furnace

Billet heating induction furnace is a high quality induction heating furnace designed and produced on the basis of the advanced induction heating technology imported from abroad and combined with the top technology in China. It has unique structure, outstanding advantages and affordable price, and widely used in various fields, such as building, building materials, transportation, container and so on.

Advanced structure of billet heating induction furnace

The structural optimization of billet heating induction furnace is more advanced and unique, and its appearance is more beautiful. The induction heating furnace is composed of medium frequency power supply, transportation system, induction heater, control system and so on. At the same time, the billet heating induction furnace can also configure the production line with higher automation level, and configure automatic feeding, discharging mechanism, far infrared thermometer and so on.

Six advantages of billet heating induction furnace:

1.Investment: simple structure, small volume, capital construction, installation, labor costs and other cost less than other heat treatment equipment.

2.Quality: excellent material, fine workmanship, main components are more durable, and its quality is more reliable and longer life.

3.Environmental protection: sealed furnace body structure design, billet heating induction furnace production completely eliminated dust, noise and other pollution;

4. Effect: high efficiency and large output. At the same time, the length, heating temperature and heating speed of the billet heating induction furnace can be adjusted and the value is higher.

5.The price:cheaper than other manufacturers, cost-effective and more popular.

6.Service: all users who know and buy the induction heating equipment can enjoy the “five star” service treatment given by the manufacturer, including “free delivery, selection guidance, equipment transportation, door installation, life-long warranty” and all other projects.

Successful case of billet heating induction furnace

The billet heating induction furnace has been successfully applied at home and abroad and has been highly praised by customers at home and abroad.


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