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Bar heat treatment furnace manufacturers: close coordination between process and technology

Bar heat treatment furnace manufacturers: close coordination between process and technology

In the whole process of metal workpiece processed by induction heat treatment furnace, if the cutting and heat treatment process can be interconnected and closely matched, it will be of great benefit to improve the quality of the product. The aluminum alloy processed by solution treatment and aging strengthening has better cutting performance than that in as cast or press processed state. Therefore, aluminum alloys are usually treated by intermediate frequency induction furnace Intensification (solid solution + aging) and then cutting. Fine and uniform grain structure not only improves the cutting performance, improves the machining precision, but also provides the final heat treatment (quenching + tempering) to ensure the good preparation of the structure. Thus, the cutting performance, machining accuracy and deformation of the metal workpiece can be guaranteed to Improve the cutting performance of the parts.

The best cutting performance of all metal parts corresponds to a certain hardness range and metallographic structure. In the cutting process of tooth billet parts, when the hardness of the tooth is low, the sticky knife phenomenon will appear, and the lump is formed on the forward surface, which reduces the surface smoothness of the machined parts. In the process of metal cutting, the degree of deformation of metal is different because of the different materials, cutting tools and cutting conditions, thus producing a different degree of smoothness. The pre heat treatment by medium frequency heating furnace is mainly used in the billet or semi-finished products of all kinds of casting, forging and welders to eliminate the defects produced by metallurgical and hot processing, and it is well prepared for the future cutting and heat treatment. While the material of tooth billet is annealed and incomplete quench treatment, the cutting is easy to crack, and the tendency of forming the sticky knife is reduced. With the increase of the hardness of the teeth, the cutting from the strip to the crack is transferred, which reduces the phenomenon of the knives and improves the cutting performance.

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