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Automatic induction billet heater-Uniform heating & Energy saving

Automatic induction billet heater-Uniform heating & Energy saving

Forever has designed and produced many induction billet heater for user, which is mainly used for rolling rebars or deformed bars. During billet induction reheating system inline, the import thing is uniform heating, that means small temperature difference from the surface to the core. This is very important for rolling rebars as small temperature difference is good for the rolling mill, which can extend the skew rolling mill service life. So when the buying is buying induction billet heater, uniform heating is the factory that must to be considering.

Recently our company accept one order about induction billet heater, the following is the parameters.

1. Steel material: carbon steel.
2. Billet size: 150*150mm * 12000mm;
3. Billet Chamber beore entering furnace: maximum camber per meter maximum bending is less than 4mm
4.Billet surface tempeature before charging the furnace: 800℃
5.The billet need to reheat to: 1050℃-1100℃

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