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Application of steel billet heating furnace in continuous casting and continuous rolling

Application of steel billet heating furnace in continuous casting and continuous rolling

Continuous casting technology has been adopted by both domestic and foreign billet manufacturers. After discharging out of the caster, the billet surface temperature is reduced to about 800 degrees, while the central temperature is about 1050 degrees. The manufacturer must cut off the continuous billet for stock or heat it in the holding furnace.

The average temperature of this continuous casting billet is about 925 degrees. If the surface temperature can be raised to 925~1250 degrees, the rolling mill can be directly rolled. When the surface temperature of continuous casting billet is low, the temperature in the middle part is higher, induction heating is heated by the surface, and the heat is transmitted to the core.

Adopting billet heating induction furnace to improve the surface thermal efficiency of billet is a good way to save energy and reduce consumption.

The steel billet heating furnace is produced by Forever. The main purpose is to increase the billet temperature after discharging.

The article “the application of steel billet heating furnace in continuous casting and rolling process” was shared by Mr.Li, general engineer of Forever. in 2016.

The steel billet heating furnace is mainly composed of medium frequency power supply, induction heater, automatic feeding device, fast pressure device, infrared temperature measuring device and PLC center console. Through the matching of different induction heaters, the system can realize the steel billet heating, the heating temperature and the radial and axial temperature to meet the technical requirements, to realize the insulation of the billet and to record the temperature of the billet automatically.

So how to choose suitable steel billet heating furnace? Mainly from several aspects:

1. The high-power steel billet heating furnace is suitable for large area induction heating. Small power with high frequency is more suitable for small parts.

2. Large power and low frequency steel billet heating furnace should be selected for large area heating parts. If the heating depth is relatively shallow, small power with high frequency steel billet heating furnace should be selected.

3. If your production is large and you need a long time to work, you should choose a high-power steel billet heating furnace.

4. In order to improve the stability of the medium frequency power supply, our company has designed a special internal circulation water system, which greatly improves the stability of the power supply, economical and cost-effective. But you still need long-term care for the cooling water quality of the equipment.


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