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Aluminum alloy forging,aluminum alloy forging furnace

Aluminum alloy forging,aluminum alloy forging furnace


Aluminum alloys can be used for sand, gravity and die casting, which can then be utilized in construction industry, electrical industry, light weight applications, automobiles and other applications.Due to aluminum alloy special properties compared with steel material, aluminum alloy forging or extrusion process is different from steel.

Forever can design, manufacture and repair high-quality general purpose,intelligent and fully automatic aluminum alloy forging furnace by providing flexible and innovative equipment for long-life performance. Our innovation in aluminum alloy forging furnace design over 12 years ago is the cornerstone of our breakthrough technology nowadays.

Our aluminum alloy forging furnace features

1.Energy saving, Environmental protection, Low pollution level
2. Easy operation, PLC control system.
3. Reliable,durable and safe.
4. Strict Supplier Management System and ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System guarantee high quality of each equipment.
5. Customized services, which made machines as per customer’s requirement



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