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Induction heating steel billet

Induction heating steel billet

Forever provides superior quality range of induction heating steel billet furnace in perfect design and standard size for high performance and reliability. Our induction heating steel billet furnace is manufactured using optimum grade materials and is used on large market scale. We ensure quality tested induction heating steel billet furnace which are secure, sustainable, well tested, verified and are largely supplied at competitive market range.

Forever induction billet heating furnace series

1.Taiwan two production line:

50T130*130*6000 continuous casting and rolling and 100T 135*135*6000 continuous casting and rolling line

2.Application::Billet heating before rolling rebar

Deformed bars dimension:Ø25Ø40,length is 11m

Initial temperature:Room temperature

Temperature after heating:1100℃

Production capacity:13 tons per hour


This furnace has been put into production since Feb,2012.

3.Application::steel billet reheating

Billet dimension:120*120mm

Initial temperature:750℃

Temperature after heating:1100℃

Production capacity:30 tons per hour.

Power:2500KW(client order two sets)

This furnace has been put into production since Feb,20th,2014

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Video for induction heating billet 


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