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After heat treatment for steel pipe, the mechanical properties are more uniform.

After heat treatment for steel pipe, the mechanical properties are more uniform.

Once we mentioned pipe heat treatment, many people will think of induction heating technology. The mechanical properties of the workpiece after the heat treatment with pipe heat treatment furnace are more uniform and stable, then what is the fact ? Next, we will follow Forever to find out the result.

The anatomical test shows that the distribution of mechanical properties along the long direction of the pipe is uniform, and the hardness distribution along the steel tube wall thickness is uniform. The reason is that the heating temperature can be controlled accurately. According to the current closed loop control technology of temperature and heating power, the heating temperature can be controlled at the level of ±10℃. At the same time, the pipe passes through the inductor at a certain rotation speed, so that all positions of the steel pipe are uniformly heated, and the temperature uniformity of the whole pipeline and the whole batch of pipelines is maintained. Therefore, accurate control of temperature system and uniform heating method ensure the uniformity of mechanical properties of workpiece after heat treatment.

The tempering structure of the pipe is fine tempered sorbide with fine grain and uniform carbide distribution, and fine tempered sorbide along the outer surface, middle and inner surface of the tube wall. Therefore, the hardness and performance of the pipe are uniform. This kind of tempered sorbide structure ensures high strength and toughness of the workpiece and ensures high reliability of the pipeline when used.

To sum up, after heat treatment by induction heat treatment furnace, the performance of the pipe is uniform and stable, which meets the requirements of pipe. If you want to know the heat treatment process of induction heating and quenching and tempering of steel tube, you can read more about heat treatment books, and I believe you will gain a lot.


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