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Advantages of pipe heat treatment furnace

Advantages of pipe heat treatment furnace

1.Induction heat treatment furnace has the advantages of fast heating, high efficient, energy saving, heating the workpiece by electromagnetic induction principle, the heat will generate from the workpiece itself.

2. The steel pipe heat treatment furnace adopts advanced electronic panel, microelectronic control and intelligent closed loop system and protection function. It is stable and reliable, the quality of the product is more guaranteed, and it is also beneficial to the long-term safety and stability of the equipment.

3.The use of pipe heat treatment furnace can effectively reduce production costs and improve the mechanical properties of workpieces. The equipment itself will not produce heat. Through the principle of electromagnetic induction, the workpiece itself has good performance of fast heating, high heating efficiency, uniform heating for pipe and the performance is improved effectively.

4. As it is the non contact heating mode, the heat loss of the workpiece is less, the working condition of the production workshop is improved and the workers’ working enthusiasm is improved, so the production efficiency of the factory is improved.

5. The pipe heat treatment furnace can reduce the cost of additional investment, such as: induction heating does not need to buy the straightener and the cost of cooling equipment, this is what the traditional heating method can not be compared. Induction heat treatment furnace can create a green, energy-saving, safe, comfortable production environment for the factory.

6. Equipped with computer system, the pipe heat treatment furnace can have accurate control, high degree of automation, better product quality and better performance.

The management system of steel pipe heat treatment furnace provides diagnostic results and various information of power supply and furnace operation process through a readable display screen. If the alarm system started in the non-normal state, the management system will provide the location of failure and store the fault information for failure processing and can also be connected to the printer for print retention. The management system can acquire various diagnostic information and perform a series of other functions.


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