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5000KW induction billet heater manufacturer from China

5000KW induction billet heater manufacturer from China

Induction billet heater has wide application in steel mill. For example, induction billet heater can be used for billet heating before forging parts and also can be used for rolling rebars. Forever has designed and produced many sets of billet heating system over the past 13 years. Especially for large power induction billet heater, our 12 pulse parallel induction heating power supply plays an important role.

Recently we are manufacturing one set of induction billet heater system, and this system includes 5000KW IF power supply, 4 sets of guides, induction billet heater, remote, capacitor cabinet and special customized transformer.

Forever induction billet heater is customized as per user’s requirement, we can equip the machine as per specific requirement. For example, if you need closed cooling machine, we can also provide. So you will has no worries once you buy equipment from us, we will provide the complete billet induction heating system for you.



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