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Hebei FOREVER Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specializing in Induction heating furnace manufacturer . Since its inception, in the fierce market competition environment, with first-class technology, first-class service, customer supremacy as the principle, seize business opportunities, dare to open up, sales performance is booming, in the field of induction heating to establish a good reputation and elite image. The company has a number of advanced technology professionals, in the field of heat treatment induction heating equipment has accumulated a wealth of experience, in the same industry also has a certain popularity.

The technical characteristics of remote mechanical and electrical steel bar induction heating furnace are as follows:

1, efficiency: fast heating speed, no oxide layer, heating from surface to core, small temperature difference between core and surface.

2. Energy saving: using IGBT as the main component, compared with the traditional heating method, the heating efficiency can be as high as 65% ~ 75%.

3, adaptive frequency: it can be used for quenching and tempering heat treatment of workpieces with different diameters, Our steel bar quenching and tempering production line can be equipped with induction heaters that we want to match.

Features of steel bar conditioning equipment: simple installation, only need to provide power and water, do not need special installation; easy to operate: ordinary employees can learn to operate in a few minutes. Quick start: heat water and power supply immediately after startup. Less power consumption: compared with the old tube if equipment, it saves about 30%, the workpiece volume is small, the occupation area is small, and the power consumption is less. The effect is good: the heating equipment of remote electromechanical bar is heated by rotating feed, the heating is uniform, the temperature rises quickly, and the oxidation decarbonization is less. Adjustable power: the output power can be adjusted according to the heating requirements of the workpiece. Protection: equipped with overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, lack of water, automatic control and protection and other alarm instructions.

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