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Screw bar heat treatment furnace that the heat treatment industry is crazy for?

Screw bar heat treatment furnace that the heat treatment industry is crazy for?

Lead screw can also be called ball screw, which has the function of stable transmission and precise positioning. It has been widely used in machine tool transmission, numerical control equipment, automatic control and so on. It needs to bear bending, torsion, fatigue, impact and friction in the sliding and rotating parts. Therefore, the comprehensive mechanical properties of the screw have high requirements. Only the screw bar heat treatment furnace can accomplish this result. The screw bar heat treatment furnace is a new type of modern heat treatment equipment. It has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection.

The surface of the ball screw can be rapidly heated and cooled by the induction heat treatment equipment of the lead screw, forming a certain thickness of hardening layer with high hardness and high wear resistance on the surface of the ball screw, while the core of the lead screw still retains its original structure and properties, so that it has high hardness on the surface, while the core still has certain toughness. Therefore, the induction hardening production line of the lead screw can meet the performance requirements of the screw well. And as the final heat treatment process of the lead screw, the surface induction hardening determines the final product quality of the lead screw. Therefore, the quality assurance of the induction hardening production line is particularly important.

In order to ensure that the surface induction hardening of lead screw meets certain performance requirements, Forever is equipped with equipment and management, and the production process is compiled and improved. Effective management has been carried out in many aspects such as testing equipment and methods. In the past 20 years, Forever has already formed a strict production quality management system. Our steel bar induction heating furnace has features of fully automatic intelligent production, energy-saving and environmental protection, quality stability. Reliable performance, efficient production, in all respects can meet the user’s production requirements.

Now it is an era of rapid economic development, the traditional equipment has not kept up with the pace of modern, intelligent and automated production is now and the future trend, and Forever will continue to develop more energy saving and intelligent induction heat treatment equipment.


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