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How to choose Induction heating equipment?Professional manufacturers tell you

Induction heating furnace, a kind of equipment which is processed by electric heating, is more pollution-free than traditional heat treatment equipment. It does not produce waste gas, smoke, dust and other substances. Therefore, it is widely used in major metal heat treatment processing factories.

1. Integral structure design, fast assembly
The complete set of equipment is designed with mechatronics, which makes use of user installation, debugging, maintenance and so on. It is easy to work.
2. Complete set, can form a continuous production line.
Medium frequency diathermy furnace can realize single machine production, and can also be connected with other mechanical equipment according to the production needs of users to form a continuous production line to improve production efficiency.

3. Configuration customization, wide range of processing
The manufacturer customizes several sets of furnace body according to the size and material of the workpiece. Users process different workpiece size, only need to replace the corresponding specifications of furnace body, and adopt quick-change structure design, effectively reducing the standby time of users and improving production efficiency.
4. Remote one-button control of equipment operation
The whole set of equipment is equipped with PLC control system and touch screen, which can remotely control the actual operation of the equipment, one-button operation, safe and efficient, and intelligent processing.
Various configurations of medium frequency induction heating equipment are available for your selection
As induction heating equipment is a non-standard customized equipment, manufacturers provide far-infrared thermometer, automatic feeding, feeding mechanism, cooling tower, power transformer and other optional accessories for users to choose, flexible collocation of production lines, you can consult free of charge.

Post time: 03-18-2019