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Daily maintenance of induction heating equipment

Hebei FOREVER electromechanical has many years of rich experience and practice in induction heating technology. Its induction heating equipment is a basic industrial equipment, which is widely used in mining, petrochemical, metallurgy, textile, machinery manufacturing, electric power and other industries, especially the extremely important auxiliary design in mining work. Because induction heating equipment has important uses, the stability and continuity of its working state directly affect the production efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, to ensure the normal operation of induction heating equipment, judge and deal with its common faults in time. At the same time, strengthen the daily maintenance and maintenance management of induction heating equipment, so as to avoid abnormal operation state of induction heating equipment and even safety accidents.


The daily maintenance of induction heating equipment plays an important role in ensuring the normal operation of induction heating equipment, which mainly includes the following contents: first, relevant operators conduct all-round inspection and detection before the operation of induction heating equipment, which is the basic step to ensure the normal and stable operation of induction heating equipment, and strive to do the daily maintenance work in place without omission, Formulate detailed and comprehensive daily maintenance rules and regulations, and maintenance records, and regularly maintain induction heating equipment. Establish and improve the supervision mechanism and strive to improve the operators’ own skills and comprehensive quality.

Before starting the induction heating equipment, the operator shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the induction heating equipment to check whether the operating parts are flexible, whether the power start is normal, whether the power failure is displayed, etc. The focus of daily maintenance work should be to observe whether the readings of various instruments of the induction heating furnace are normal under the operation state, whether there is abnormal sound of equipment bearings and heating conditions of parts, and whether the operation of main components is abnormal. Through various detection equipment and combined with practical experience, find out the problems of the induction heating equipment and solve the problems in time, so as to ensure the normal operation function of the quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment. The operator must operate the induction heating equipment in strict accordance with the operating procedures, record the operation status of the induction heating equipment, and carry out spot inspection on the main components of the induction heating equipment.


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