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30-70 steel bars induction heat treatment process

30-70 steel bars induction heat treatment process : application of continuous induction heating technology

The Forever 30-70 steel bar induction heat treatment machine is used to process steel bars with diameters ranging from 30 millimeters to 70 millimeters. It is aimed at hardening and tempering larger diameter steel bars to improve their mechanical properties. Mainly used for producing high-strength and high toughness steel.

This set of steel bar induction heating equipment , hardening device, tempering furnace, conveying system, control system, etc. Capable of handling larger diameter steel bars and ensuring uniformity and consistency throughout the entire hardening and tempering process.

Heat treatment process: Through continuous induction heating equipment, the steel rod is first heated to a high temperature, usually the temperature of the austenitized area. The heated steel rod is rapidly cooled by a multi-stage spray cooling system, which forms a martensitic structure inside the steel, greatly increasing its hardness and strength. The hardened steel will be relatively fragile, so tempering treatment is required. Tempering is the process of reheating a material at a lower temperature and then slowly cooling it to reduce hardness, improve toughness, and improve plasticity.

The 30-70 steel bar induction heat treatment machine of Hebei Forever Electromechanical is customized according to user needs, with the core purpose of optimizing the performance of steel through precise control of heating and cooling processes.

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