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∅ 114 oil casing quenching and tempering heat treatment production line

The oil drill pipe hardening and tempering machine consists of core components such as induction heating furnace, quenching box, storage rack, induction heating power supply, PLC control panel, etc.

The core components of this induction heating equipment include an induction heating furnace and a quenching box, which can quickly heat the pipes to the required temperature in a short period of time. The storage rack neatly stores the pipes to be processed, making it convenient for workers to operate. The induction heating power supply precisely controls the heating temperature to improve heat treatment efficiency, and the PLC console intelligently controls the entire heat treatment process to ensure the stability of various process parameters.

The main purpose of this oil drill pipe induction heat treatment machine is to perform quenching and tempering heat treatment on pipes with diameters of 95mm and 114mm, including round pipes, circular steel pipes, petroleum casings, seamless steel pipes, thick walled steel pipes, and circular steel pipes. Through this equipment, efficient heating of pipes can be achieved, enabling them to reach the required temperature in a short period of time and complete the heat treatment process.

In addition, optional devices include an infrared thermometer that monitors the heating temperature of the pipes in real-time to improve product quality, a cooling tower for rapid cooling to avoid damage to the pipes, and power transformers and capacitors that optimize power configuration to ensure stable equipment operation.

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