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The intelligent automatic induction heating furnace produced by Hebei FOREVER heating equipment,steel bar heat treatment furnace,steel bar induction heating furnace,steel pipe induction heating equipment,etc. Steel pipe heat treatment furnace, rebar quenching furnace, steel bar heating equipment, steel tube heating furnace, billet heating furnace, steel bar heating furnace, rebar heating equipment, steel pipe heat treatment equipment, aluminum bar heating furnace, steel tube heat treatment equipment, rebar heating furnace, rebar heating furnace Pumping rod quenching equipment, oil casing quenching equipment, etc., can realize one-button start-up, automatic production, remote control, flexible heating, mature technology and perfect green energy-saving configuration. Has realized the heat treatment equipment industry innovation development big leap.


FOREVER intelligent steel bar heat treatment equipment charm is unique, realize high level operation

1, steel bar heat treatment furnace heating speed is fast, using special electromagnetic induction principle heating, full load, heating without preheating, direct production, with the use of open, The operation is simple and convenient. Intelligent automatic reinforcement heat treatment equipment to save labor, save costs, can create high profits for you.

2. Centralized control, high intelligence, steel bar heat treatment equipment, steel bar heat treatment production line using PLC system for centralized control, with touch screen display and operation, complete set of steel bar heat treatment equipment automation, high degree of mechanization, Can be 24-hour continuous production.

3. The induction heating furnace is energy-saving and environmental-friendly, and can improve the working environment. The far-reaching induction heating equipment is not as similar as the traditional heating equipment in that it produces waste gas smoke during production, causing high temperature around it. Induction heating equipment and heat treatment equipment use electric heating, high heating efficiency, environmental protection production.

4. The steel bar heat treatment equipment is equipped with a system protection device, which is safe and reliable. The induction heating equipment is equipped with a complete equipment protection device, which is equipped with an automatic alarm device such as over-current, over-pressure, overheat, water shortage, lack of phase, etc. Induction heating equipment production safety and reliability.

FOREVER electromechanical induction heating furnace, induction heating equipment, forging heating equipment, quenching heat treatment equipment, quenched and tempered heat treatment production line is a non-standard custom-made product, which requires you to provide workpiece size, process requirements, production efficiency, heating temperature, Workpiece material and other parameters, remote mechanical and electrical professional engineers will tailor-made for you suitable for your production technical solutions


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