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Yuantuo electromechanical wisdom, science and technology lit up 2019

The speed of intelligence in our country is developing very rapidly. even in the case of late start, through the joint efforts of many parties, today, we can still stand in the middle of the intelligence storm, the domestic infrastructure is developing rapidly, in the process of construction, there is also the figure of intelligent equipment. The scientific and technological induction heating equipment can play a stronger working performance advantage in the capital construction, and the existing induction heating machine still has a lot of room for scientific and technological progress. Taking metal heat treatment furnace as an example, the traditional metal heat treatment furnace industry has a situation of excess structure and performance, which is mainly due to the lack of technological innovation and the low level of scientific and technological intelligence, which can not meet the higher needs of users. Combined with the current development situation, the development goal of 2019 is further adjusted, and our casting technology is polished with intelligent science and technology as the core development goal, so as to return the users with more high quality products and take the far development to a new height in the new year.

billet induction heater

Production intelligence can improve the working accuracy of metal heat treatment furnace, the taste of heat treatment work is directly linked to the economic benefits of users, and the high quality finished product requires very high working accuracy of induction heating equipment, so it is of great significance to improve the quality of finished product if the intermediate frequency heating equipment is allowed to realize intelligent work in an all-round way.

The application of science and technology can save the input of manpower. In essence, production belongs to the work with high risk coefficient. Replacing labor with science and technology, the working risk coefficient is greatly reduced. Production science and technology is the development goal of industrial production. Induction heating equipment can not only create higher benefits, but also a milestone for the development of intermediate frequency heating equipment industry.

Yuantuo uses wisdom, science and technology lights up 2019 Yuantuo electromechanical efforts to bring wisdom and science and technology into the casting production of equipment. 2019 is a year full of great test of equipment production performance. In line with the concept of intelligent creation and scientific and technological production, Yuantuo Electromechanical and Electrical efforts to achieve diversified production, and do everything in their power to meet the production needs of users. Wisdom and science and technology is not only the bright spot of future life, but also the development goal of induction heating equipment. Yuantuo Machinery and Technology seize the opportunity of industry development, light up the new year of 2019 with the light of wisdom and the fire of science and technology!

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