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You must not know about the stainless steel annealing furnace equipment.

Yuantuo Electric launched a new product stainless steel bright annealing furnace which meets the standard. With the joint efforts of many departments such as Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical Research Institute, Marketing Department and other departments, the stainless steel annealing furnace was successfully installed and debugged. The main features of the new product are:

1. Stainless steel annealing furnaces are 19% shorter than conventional models and work flexibly in narrow workshops, reducing the risk that they cannot be accommodated. In addition, stainless steel annealing furnaces can operate within a distance of only two meters wide, resulting in higher utilization of induction heating equipment.

2. In the overall layout of stainless steel annealing furnace, the weight, motor and PLC console achieve innovative layout design, making the center of the whole machine optimized, even in special working conditions can also be easy to work. Routine service and daily maintenance are also simple and convenient.

3, but the simple way of operation is not unaffected. Stainless steel annealing furnace still uses a humanized PLC console and is equipped with a variety of international imported NC modules. Standard 7, 10-inch color multi-function display, can provide intuitive, easy-to-read equipment information, but also can restore the factory settings, print device information.

4, the standard temperature remote infrared monitoring system can accurately display the workpiece temperature information under each operation mode, help the enterprise to manage the workpiece use more accurately, and improve the work efficiency of the workpiece.

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