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You may not know the hardness of 45 # steel quenched and tempered.

The hardness of quenched steel 45 # steel should be higher than that of HRC56~59, section, but not lower than that of HRC48..

The quenched and tempered of 45 # steel is a medium carbon structural steel, which has good cold and hot workability, good mechanical properties, low price and wide source, so it is widely used. Its greatest weakness is its low hardenability, large cross-section size and high requirements of the workpiece should not be adopted.

The quenching temperature of 45 # steel is at A3 (30? 50) ℃. In practical operation, the upper limit is generally taken. The higher quenching temperature can accelerate the heating speed, reduce the surface oxidation, and improve the work efficiency. In order to homogenize the austenite of the workpiece, sufficient holding time is needed. If the actual load is large, it is necessary to extend the holding time properly. Otherwise, there may be a lack of hardness due to non-uniform heating. However, if the holding time is too long, large grain size and serious oxidative decarbonization will also occur.

Quenching and tempering: Quenching and tempering furnace is a dual heat treatment of quenching and tempering, the purpose of which is to make the workpiece have good comprehensive mechanical properties. The carbon content of quenched and tempered steel is strictly controlled, whether it is carbon steel or alloy steel, which includes carbon quenched and tempered steel and alloy quenched and tempered steel. If the carbon content is too high, the strength of the quenched and tempered workpiece is high, but the toughness is not enough, for example, the carbon content is too low, the toughness is increased and the strength is insufficient.

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