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Will the bar deform after heat treatment? Do we need straightening?

Will the bar deform after heat treatment? Do we need straightening?

Induction heat treatment technology has wide application in the metal heat treatment industry for bars, rods, steel bars, round steel and other parts. Forever has been engaged in the development and production of bar heat treatment line for over 10 years. Through more than 10 years’ communication with our users of bar heat treatment line, they will frequently consider the workpiece deformation and crack problems when buying the bar heat treatment line.

Here Forever can tell you our bar heat treatment line will not deform or bend after heat treatment as we have already had rich experience in this field. Even the rod diameter is only 15mm, it will not bend after heat treatment. So the users don’t need straightening.

Forever is taking the following actions to ensure the rod not bend.

● conveyor roller: roller axis and the workpiece axis into the angle of 18 ~ 21 °, the workpiece will rotate by itself while forward at uniform speed for uniform quenching. So bar is not easy to deformation after quenching.

● Roller group: Separate control for feeding group, induction heater group and discharging group, which is conducive to continuous heating without creating a gap between the workpiece.

● Temperature closed-loop system: quenching and tempering are used in the United States Raytek infrared thermometer and Germany Siemens S7 closed-loop control system for precise temperature control.


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