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Why choose induction heating equipment? The reasons are as follows!

Induction heat treatment equipment  is a very popular Metal heat treatment in the heat treatment market. It is a kind of workpiece research and development heat treatment equipment specially for all kinds of metal materials. With its unique heating mode, it not only has the high precision temperature control system to ensure the excellent heating quality of the workpiece, but also is loved by users in the heat treatment industry.

First, compared with the traditional heating equipment, what are the advantages of induction heating equipment?

1, energy saving: traditional heating equipment such as flame furnace and gas furnace all use their own heat to heat the metal workpiece in the way of heat transfer, most of the heat transfer has been lost in the air, the energy consumption of heating metal workpiece is high, the efficiency is less than 50%, and the cost is high. In contrast, the induction heating furnace adopts electric heating, which is directly generated from the interior of the metal workpiece through the induction coil. The heating efficiency of this method is as high as 85%. In contrast, the intermediate frequency heating furnace does save a lot of energy compared with the traditional heating equipment.

2, environmental protection: a large amount of waste gas and smoke and other pollution will be produced in the heat treatment production process of the traditional heating equipment, while the induction heating equipment is not. Electric heating does not produce this kind of material that pollutes the environment, realizes environmental protection production, and meets the environmental protection requirements of relevant departments.

3, the heating effect is good: the speed of heating metal workpiece is fast, the oxidation scale and burning rate of metal material surface are low, and the medium frequency heating furnace heats metal in the form of non-contact, which greatly reduces the deformation of workpiece and improves the heating quality.


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