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Why can the oil pipe heat treatment furnace attract many users?

Why can the oil pipe heat treatment furnace attract many users?

With the development of science and technology and industrial progress in heat treatment industry, more and more manufacturers abandon the traditional heating equipment, and use the oil pipe heat treatment furnace for heat treatment. Why can electric pipe heat treatment furnace attract the eyes of many users? Where is its magic power? There are a lot of induction heat treatment equipment suppliers nowadays, so it is not easy for Forever pipe heat treatment furnace to stand out. The reason why it can overcome other equipment and become the “darling” of heat treatment manufacturers lies in its four characteristics of “two high and two low”.

Two high for our pipe heat treatment furnace.

High reliability: Oil casing pipe heat treatment furnace has a unique circuit design, the power module unit used constitutes the system, even if individual power module unit damage will not cause equipment interruption, so that the reliable operation of equipment has been substantially improved.

High efficiency: The heating efficiency of electric induction heating furnace for oil casing heat treatment is 20% – 30% higher than that of flame furnace and 10% – 15% higher than that of resistance furnace.

“Two High” characteristic performance not only ensures the stability of induction heating equipment, but also improves the production speed.

The “Two low”oil casing pipe heat treatment furnace:

1. Low operation cost: compared with traditional equipment, the equipment saves 40% water and 20% – 30% electricity, greatly reducing energy consumption, making the operation cost lower. Besides, the equipment is easy to operate without the need for professional manual training, which also reduces the running cost.

2.Low maintenance cost: more than 50% of the cost of other products in the industry. The “two low” performance advantages ensure that the oil casing quenching and tempering line saves cost for users and achieves low investment and high returns.


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