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While the quality of billet reheating furnace develops, environmental protection cannot be left behind

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people’s economic living standards, people’s pursuit of things is becoming more and more strict. In today’s era, environmental protection is a major event that the state attaches great importance to. Billet reheating furnace for billet, although it can ensure higher quality of billet, at the same time, it can not leave environmental protection behind.

In order to have a better life experience, energy-saving, environment-friendly and efficient billet secondary heating furnace is indispensable in the future heat treatment market.

In modern society, the requirements of environmental protection and energy conservation are higher and higher. Therefore, environmental protection and energy-saving metal workpiece heat treatment equipment is also more popular with users.

The billet reheating furnace produced by YUANTUO Electromechanical is a high-tech equipment produced by advanced modules. It uses electric heating, which will not produce noise and dust, waste smoke and waste gas. It will not pollute the environment, but also meet people’s requirements for environmental protection equipment. Compared with traditional equipment, this equipment can save 40% water and 30% – 40% electricity, greatly reduce the scrap rate and save energy.

IGBT intelligent power supply independently produced by YUANTUO Electromechanical, with single power of 50-6000kw and frequency of 200-300khz. YUANTUO electromechanical adopts full touch screen to control IGBT power supply, pure digital setting, complete process record and strict level authority. It also has one key factory setting function.

As a professional manufacturer of billet secondary heating furnace, YUANTUO electromechanical always adheres to the business philosophy of people-oriented, leading technology and honest management. In terms of quality, YUANTUO electromechanical has won high praise from customers and has become a more trusted brand enterprise and an excellent partner of modern enterprises.


You only need to provide us with relevant information about your workpiece size, specification, process requirements, output and use site, so we can customize a set of induction heat treatment furnaces such as billet secondary heating furnace and Steel pipe hardening and tempering equipment for you. The equipment has stable operation, excellent quality, perfect after-sales service and guarantee, so that you can obtain higher economic benefits while meeting the environmental protection operation and production.


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Post time: 08-20-2021