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Which one of the reheating furnace of knife corner plate can rest assured?

Our country induction Metal heat treatment is huge, the market Induction heat treatment equipment  manufacturer is also countless (the scale varies). So what kind of manufacturer can you choose to let Xiaofei rest assured?


According to their own experience, the editor summarizes as follows: the general manufacturers through registration and production equipment, are good care, can register production and sales if the quality is through the inspection, but each factory produces different equipment, so the purchase of equipment is not as good as, but to choose and purchase suitable for their own and the service to do a comprehensive factory.

yuantuo knife angle plate heating furnace working technology: production efficiency: 200s / piece heating temperature: 1000 degrees Celsius core table temperature difference is less than, equal to 50 degrees Celsius workpiece surface non-damage frequency can be adjusted

yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical Factory specializes in the production of induction heat treatment equipment. We can make equipment schemes for users according to the actual needs of users, but also according to the drawings provided by users.


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Post time: 06-26-2019