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Which one is better for steel pipe quenching and tempering furnace?

With the continuous implementation of environmental protection storm in recent years, the traditional steel pipe heat treatment technology has been gradually replaced by a new type of Stainless steel pipe hardening and tempering system  . So there are many manufacturers who customize the production of steel pipe quenching furnace on the market, which steel pipe quenching furnace is good? This is a headache for many steel pipe quenching and tempering manufacturers! In view of the problem of which is good for steel pipe quenching and tempering stoves, Li Gong, a professional technical engineer who has been engaged in mechanical and electrical manufacturers for more than 20 years, said so:

Steel pipe quenching and tempering, far from simple induction heating. It contains the theory of electromagnetic induction heating equipment, as well as profound heat treatment theory and rich practice, including material science, electromagnetism, thermal management and intelligent control and other interdisciplinary systems engineering. Therefore, when choosing to buy steel pipe quenching furnace, it is not just to look at the price! You also need to see these:

1. Whether the manufacturer strength enterprise has its own technical team, because the steel pipe quenching furnace covers too many disciplines, not just one or two technicians can support the entire technical department.

2. Looking at the development of enterprises in such a fierce competition in induction heat treatment equipment environment, it is not a simple enterprise to survive, there must be their own outstanding.

3. Look at the successful case of steel pipe quenching furnace is not tens of thousands of pieces of small equipment, we must find the relevant steel pipe heat treatment equipment production experience of manufacturers to cooperate.

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