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Which is the best steel induction heating equipment?

 Induction heat treatment equipment  is recognized as a common equipment in metal steel heat treatment market. Whether steel rod, steel pipe, billet or steel plate, steel bar, steel bar and other metal materials, induction heating equipment can be used for heat treatment processing. Steel heating furnace can be customized according to user workpiece material, shape, size and so on. Which one is good for steel heating furnace?

Steel heating furnace is recognized as a common equipment in the heat treatment market, no matter what kind of metal steel, steel bar, steel pipe, steel plate, billet, steel bar and other heat treatment, quenching, quenching, annealing, local heating and so on can be heated by induction heating equipment. Induction heating equipment is a steel heating furnace heated by electromagnetic principle. The heat is produced directly from the metal steel through induction coil, which is not heated by heat transfer. The heat loss is less in the processing process, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 95%. It has the advantages of fast heating speed, short heating time, high production efficiency and so on.

1,Advanced technology and rich practical experience: the steel heating furnace made in this factory is equipped with perfect system protection function, automatic alarm system with overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, water shortage and equal function, and automatic shutdown production to ensure workers’production safety and provide a secure working environment.

2, the equipment structure design is reasonable, the production capacity is strong: this factory steel heating furnace all uses the large size bearing, the reasonable structure design makes its equipment overall bearing capacity higher, thus greatly enhanced the steel heating furnace production efficiency;

3 the overall structure adopts the electromechanical integrated design, the structure compact reasonable, the component arrangement scientific standard, the equipment runs stably, the production is reliable. Hebei Yuantuo Electromechanical Factory is a manufacturer of induction heating equipment which integrates R & D, design, manufacture, sale and service. The manufacturer produces and sells its own products without intermediate links.



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