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Which furnace is good for aluminum bar annealing furnace?

Following the pace of development of the times, induction heating equipment is also constantly innovating and constantly changing to develop. The state advocates green heat treatment, energy conservation and emission reduction, and induction heating equipment also makes great efforts in environmental protection and energy consumption. For example, the Aluminum bar hardening and tempering production line in the series of induction heating equipment is the ideal choice for heat treatment of non-ferrous metals and other workpieces, and the preferential price is also “add to the cake”! The demand for aluminum bar heating furnaces is increasing year by year, and manufacturers are also pouring in. For users, it seems to be more difficult to choose a good manufacturer, but it is gratifying to see that it has become more difficult for users to choose a good one. With the development of information technology, there are more and more channels for people to obtain consultation. Users can also know the professionalism of a manufacturer in many ways. The reputation of manufacturers and the evaluation of customers have become an important reference standard for users to choose and purchase. Although there are more and more types of equipment in the heat treatment equipment market, induction heating equipment is still the preferred equipment in the hearts of many users, because it is one of the few bar heating furnaces that can achieve energy conservation, environmental protection and efficient production. Secondly, the induction heating equipment is also constantly developing and innovating to meet the diverse processing needs of users.

the aluminum bar heating furnace has advantages in application and high heating efficiency:

1.the medium frequency electromagnetic heating is adopted, which subtracts the process of heat loss in the air transfer, and the heating efficiency is high, reaching more than 85%.

2. Reliable performance: aluminum bar annealing furnace fuselage made of high-quality steel into the heat treatment welding, internal components used by the world-famous brand, reliable performance of the entire set of equipment, production stability, longer service life.

3.”one-button” production is even easier: the aluminum bar heating furnace stores the user’s data (workpiece material, size, process requirements, production output, etc.) with a computer at the time of production. Users only need to adjust the corresponding parameters to start production.

4, less dust pollution: aluminum bar annealing furnace equipped with a perfect dust removal device, to ensure that no dust during production, greatly reduce the production dust pollution.


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