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Where to buy high quality torsion bar heat treatment line?

Where to buy high quality torsion bar heat treatment line?

Due to the high strength, the torsion bar itself has very strict requirements for the performance, and the corresponding quenching is also a very important part. The automobile torsion bar heat treatment line mainly consists of two parts, including induction heating part and mechanical part. Induction heating surface quenching has many advantages, such as good surface quality, low brittleness, difficult oxidation, decarburization and small deformation of quenching surface. Therefore, induction heating has been widely used in this field.

Auto torsion bar heat treatment line is a composite induction heat treatment process of quenching and high temperature tempering. The traditional treatment is carried out by resistance furnace with disadvantages of low efficiency, poor stability of quality defects. According to the process characteristics of round bar, Forever induction quenching and tempering line is specially used for torsion bar heat treatment. The quality is stable and reliable and the production efficiency is improved by 2 ~ 3 times, achieved significant economic benefits.

The automobile torsion bar heat treatment line adopts medium frequency induction quenching device, intermediate frequency induction rod body tempering device and rod head induction tempering device. The features is that the temperature and hardness of rod head and body is uniform. No need for straightening after heat treatment with our induction heating equipment.

The quenching spray device of auto torsion bar heat treatment line adopts special cleaning filter in order to ensure the purity of water quality.


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