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Where is the reliable manufacturer of plate Induction heat treatment equipment?

Where is the reliable manufacturer of plate Induction heat treatment equipment?

Steel plate induction heat treatment equipment is a kind of heating equipment for different specifications of sheet metal, which is suitable for heating and quenching for stainless steel plate, knife angle plate, thick steel plate, railway cushion plate, etc. The following is a detailed introduction by the author.

Firstly, What are the advantages of steel plate induction heat treatment equipment ?

As a plate induction heating furnace for different plates, it has attracted much attention. The specific advantages are as follows:

1. Efficient and environmental protection: unique and novel sealing structure, so that materials in the heating process can prevent accidental slip out, avoid waste of plate materials.

2. Large processing capacity: Perfection combination for unique heating furnace body design and effective and precise control of the feed system. The system can be customized made as per different specifications and configuration. Its efficiency is 3-4 times higher than coal furnace, resistance furnace and other heating furnaces, enhancing production capacity and increasing production output.

3. Long service life: simple structure, impeller drive bearing device and water and water material isolation greatly avoided the bearing due to immersion, sand and pollutants caused damage, reduce equipment maintenance, thus extending the service life.

4. Stability of the finished product: Advanced electromagnetic heating technology guarantees the qualified rate of each plate material and ensures the high efficiency, durability, easy maintenance, good heating efficiency and stability of the finished product.

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Secondly, recommend China Forever as your partner

1. Price concessions: compared with other manufacturers, forever plate induction hardening and tempering equipment  prices are more concessional, the reasons are as follows: First, it is located in Wuqiao, Hebei Province and accept more orders with lower profit Second, it is a direct-selling manufacturer, the price given is factory price, that is, low price; Third, the labor cost in the small city is lower as well as the electricity and water consumption.

2. Excellent quality: Forever has been engaged in induction heating equipment for more than ten years and has rich experience. Besides, as a large induction heating equipment manufacturer, a professional quality inspection team has been set up to follow the attitude of being strict in each process and responsible for each product so as to ensure the quality of each equipment is fully qualified. Therefore, you can safely buy the quality of Forever induction heat treatment equipment.

3. Excellent after-sales service: As a large-scale induction heating furnace manufacturer, Forever not only provides pre-sale, in-sales, after-sales, one-stop service but also arranges for the fastest possible home maintenance and commissioning of technician once there is a failure.


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