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Where is the intermediate frequency heating equipment? What’s the price?

There are many manufacturers of  induction heating furnace, the domestic production process is fully mature, can meet the operation needs of the vast majority of users, and compared with imported induction heating equipment, the quotation is more favorable, later seeking after-sales service, it is also very convenient. So where is the intermediate frequency heating equipment? What is the situation of the quotation, we will analyze the relevant content for you one by one.

Induction heating equipment where there are domestic induction heating equipment manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Shanghai, Shandong, Hebei, we will focus on the production of Hebei manufacturers. The quantity in Hebei is a little more than that in Hebei, because the heat treatment production industry of metal workpiece here started earlier, so there are many old manufacturers in the area, such as Yuantian Electromechanical has 20 years of production experience, it has a large number of old masters, has seen a variety of processing needs of different users, forged exquisite casting machine craftsmanship, intermediate frequency heating equipment components basically no error, stable structure, good working performance. It has been well received by many users. Hebei local manufacturers add up to hundreds of large and small, the market competition is very fierce, for users, the choice space is larger, and the local price level is low, single machine quotation compared with Shanghai and other developed areas, to be more favorable, if you want direct sales manufacturers, there is no intermediary link, you can get a more favorable ex-factory price. For the consumption equipment of medium frequency diothermic furnace, there are vulnerable parts in the interior, which need to be replaced regularly, so it is very important to perfect and convenient after sale. Hebei transportation is convenient, land, sea and air are developed, can provide you with after-sale technical services in time, once the medium frequency heating equipment operation malfunctions, you contact us in time, the manufacturer will arrange the staff to rush to the scene to solve your difficulties immediately.

Yuantuo Electromechanical provides you with all kinds of metal heat treatment equipment, full model, excellent quotation, good after sale, welcome you to visit at any time, more details of induction heating equipment, you can call Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical Technical engineer to understand, we wholeheartedly serve you the answer 24 hours a day!


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