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Where can I buy induction heating equipment? the price is more favorable.

steel bar induction heating furnace, also known as metal Heat treatment furnace, is a very popular product in current heat treatment process. It is specially developed for metal work-piece heat treatment processing. Using electromagnetic principle heating, can effectively improve the hardness, strength, wear resistance and other comprehensive mechanical properties of metal work-piece. So where is the purchase price more favorable? The detailed analysis is as follows:

1. Summary of the distribution of domestic induction heating equipment manufacturers as far as the domestic market distribution is concerned, most of the induction heating equipment manufacturers are concentrated in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shandong, Henan and Hebei, among them, the majority of manufacturers manufacturing intermediate frequency heating equipment in Hebei District are users, and nearly half of these manufacturers are direct-selling manufacturers. Therefore, it is more suitable for users to invest and purchase induction heating equipment in Hebei Province from the aspects of selection of manufacturer types and preferential price of manufacturers.

2. Where to buy the price comparison of induction heating equipment, where to buy the price comparison of induction heating equipment? there is no doubt that it is the northern part of the river, and the detailed analysis is as follows:1. The low-rise consumer market in the main beating center of Hebei, so the price of the medium-frequency heating equipment in the production area is not too high; in addition, Hebei takes advantage of the geographical advantage, not only is the transportation convenient, the transportation cost of the equipment is low, in addition, that steel raw material is abundant and the price level is not high, so the cost required by the production and manufacture of the metal heat treatment furnace in the area is not high, so the low-cost investment is also determined to be not too high for the price of the Hebei induction heating equipment; and 3, in that production and manufacture of induction heating equipment in the production area of Hebei, there are a lot of users and the fierce competition among the peers will make many manufacturers to seize the market and, on the premise of maintaining the quantity, choose the appropriate down-regulation of the price of the induction heating equipment, so as to attract the attention of the users; and 4, The intermediate-frequency heating equipment manufacturers in the Hebei production area have a large and a half of the direct-selling manufacturers, and the price of the metal heat-treatment furnace given by them is the “bare price” _ factory price, so the price of the intermediate-frequency heating equipment after the layer-by-layer packaging in the market is higher than that of the intermediate-frequency heating equipment after the layers are packed in the market, The price of induction heating equipment given by the direct-selling manufacturers in this area is no doubt favorable. It is suggested that the user may be able to go to these manufacturers to see if this type of intermediate frequency heating device is selected.


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