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What kind of pipe heat treatment furnace is used for quenching square pipe?

What kind of pipe heat treatment furnace is used for quenching square pipe?

Forever is a well-known supplier of square pipe heat treatment furnace in China. It has been engaged in induction heating and heat treatment for more than 10 years and has produced more than 2000 sets of induction heat treatment equipment production lines in more than 10 years. Among them, more than 200 sets of induction heating equipment have been exported to various countries in the world.

The continuous development of national industry and the environmental protection requirements of heat treatment production have promoted the rapid development of induction heating market and led to the rapid rise of induction heat treatment equipment. More and more friends want to invest in this industry. What is the specific process of the steel pipe heat treatment furnace? The following is a brief introduction.

Process flow of square pipe heat treatment furnace

The technological process of the square pipe heat treatment furnace is actually very simple.

Manual putting on the platform→Storage platform→Feeding device→Induction quenching→Discharging device→Quenching spray→Feeding device→Tempering→Discharging→Conveying→Storage

This is the square pipe heat treatment furnace workflow, as for the operation is very simple because the rectangular pipe heat treatment furnace is fully automatic operation mode, one key to start production!

Characteristics of square pipe heat treatment furnace

1. Adopting automatic operation mode, the heat treatment and tempering can be controlled by computer terminal. The operation is more convenient, the production efficiency is effectively improved and the maintenance is more convenient.

2. Equipment selection is more high-quality, vulnerable and the main components are using high-end international well-known brands with good performance advantages, durable features;

3. The heat treatment effect is remarkable. The thick-walled square pipe medium frequency heat treatment equipment produces small temperature difference on the core to surface of the workpiece, small oxidation decarbonization, bright and beautiful appearance, performance meets the user’s requirements, which can meet higher standards of market requirements and has good market prospects.

4. The square pipe heat treatment furnace covers a small area and has low investment cost. Besides, it can keep low noise, less dust and no exhaust gas and smoke during operation and create a very good production environment, which is conducive to the health of the workers on the spot.


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